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ROOM REFRESH: New Year, New Cube!!!



It’s the perfect time to promote your office style. We were going for a beachy zen vibe for this office space. How do you transform your cubicle from bland to beautiful?


1. Wall Paper. Create a feature wall with wallpaper hung with push pin clips.

Graham & Brown Sakura Wallpaper:; Rose Gold Push Pin Clips:


2. Wall Art. Hang up a breathtaking outdoor scene to give yourself a wonderful view.

Wall Decor: Burlington


3. Plants. Add some life to your space with plants. If your office doesn’t get any sunlight, you can always use faux plants— and you don’t have to water them!


Plant Arrangement: Burlington; Frames: T.J. Maxx

4. Framed Pictures. Broadcast pics of your family and friends in frames for an elegant touch.


5. Cute Office Supplies. Banish basic black, and lend a stylish edge to your office supplies—think pink, rose gold and lucite.

Office Supplies: T.J. Maxx


6. Signature Scent. It’s not all about looks. Give your space a beautiful scent with diffusers.

RITUALS The Ritual of Sakura Fragrance Sticks:; Votive Holders: Burlington


Styled by Monifa Smart